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Hydra Technologies praised by First Minister for helping youngsters' careers

Published: 03/06/2014

Hydra Technologies, home of Evans Coolants UK has been highlighted for playing its part in helping secure jobs for youngsters in Wales through Jobs Growth Wales, a programme provided by the Welsh Government that caters for young people who are job ready but have had difficulty securing employment.

On a visit to Evans HQ yesterday Wales’ First Minister Carwyn Jones said it was one of the best performing youth employment schemes in Europe.

 “It’s when you come to businesses, such as Hydra Technologies, that you get to see the real impact of Jobs Growth Wales. It’s encouraging to hear the young people talk about how the Programme has benefited them, giving them the chance they need to develop the skills and experience for future employment – which is really what Jobs Growth Wales is all about.”

One of the staff members who joined Hydra Technologiesfollowing his Jobs Growth Wales opportunity was Ricky Owen, now 25. Previously unemployed for several months, Ricky said the new job had turned his life around.

“I had been really struggling to find a job that not only appealed to me but also met the skills and experience I already had. The job opportunity was fantastic. It helped me to gain the skills and knowledge I needed in order to apply for one of the permanent jobs available.”

The scheme offered Hydra Technologies an affordable way to take on new staff, accelerate recruitment plans and maximise the company’s potential for growth.

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