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Evans Waterless Coolants win Top Product award

Published: 02/12/2013

Evans Waterless Engine Coolants have been crowned a ‘Top Product’ award winner in Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine’s 2013 reader poll.

The awards, selected on the level of interest and enquiries generated by PMM’s 60,000+ readership, are a great reflection on those manufacturers and suppliers that have made a real difference to the independent garage technician's ability to maintain the high standards expected of modern day servicing and repairs – whether this is in the form of innovative parts or tools, fault-finding equipment or garage aids such as technical posters and literature.

PMM Editor, Richard Bowler said: “Original solutions always feature highly among our ‘Top Product’ contenders, and this range of waterless coolants from Evans is completely unique. It’s no great secret that servicing schedules are lengthening and some car owners have taken a less than proactive approach to regular car maintenance in these times of austerity. It is, therefore, imperative that when garages are servicing their customer’s vehicles they are able to use products that offer efficiency and, as importantly, reduced premature corrosion, so as to keep the car running for longer. Traditionally garages have stuck with what they know, but this innovative new range has shown that they are open to new alternatives, judging by the level of response that it has garnered.”

Evans Coolants are proven to increase engine reliability, reduce maintenance costs and boost performance. The formula improves combustion, maximises BHP and prevents corrosion. Evans Coolants allow the cooling system to run at a lower pressure, reducing strain on hoses and other engine components. The revolutionary products have a boiling point above 180 degrees eliminating overheating, boil-over and after-boil. One fill will last the life of the engine without the need for periodic change out.

There are specific Evans formulations for a range of engine types, Auto Cool 180˚ for modern production cars, Power Cool 180˚ for performance car engines, Classic Cool 180˚ and Vintage Cool 180˚ products are specifically tailored to the Classic and Vintage Car markets, Powersports for track and trail bikes, Heavy Duty for commercial diesels and Aero Cool 180˚ for Rotax light aircraft. Owners switching to Evans Coolants also have further comfort as unlike traditional antifreeze solutions, it is classed as non-toxic, dramatically reducing health risks to pets and people.

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