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Evans Powersports keeps top stunt rider cool

Published: 05/03/2014

Known worldwide for his insane sportbike acrobatics Lee ‘PacMan’ Bowers never fails to impress crowds. The UK’s  premier professional stunt rider, officially supported by Kawasaki Motors has dedicated his life to his art, training every day to perfect new tricks and make the routine the best it can possibly be.

When demonstrating his signature acrobatics and extensive list of tricks at some of the biggest events in the world Lee needs to know his bikes will perform to the max. That’s why Powersports from Evans Waterless Engine Coolants is Lee’s go to coolant.

‘I like to bend the laws of physics, to change people’s perceptions about what you can do on a motorbike – you only have to see my acrobatics to know what I’m on about!
My stunts push the bikes to the extreme and I need to know they won’t let me down when I’m entertaining huge crowds. Powersports eliminates overheating, let’s the bike run at a lower pressure and increases performance, I’ve been using it for some time and wouldn’t use anything else!’

Powersports is the coolant of choice for the Honda World MX team and many other factory and independent racing teams including KTM, Kawasaki, Yamaha, TM, David Knight, Fast Eddy Racing and Team St. George. Powersports combats all the issues associated to water in engines, including; boiling, freezing, overheating, detonation, power loss, corrosion, erosion, cavitation and the need for regular replacement.

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